Norwex vs. e-cloth microfiber Cloths

This article has been updated since it’s original posting – I must had been half asleep when I first posted it….

First let me start with saying that the cloths are NOT the same, but are marketed and sold with the same purpose (like the difference between a McDonalds’s and Wendy’s hamburger – they are both burgers and both have the purpose to be eaten, but a connoisseur knows the difference between the two and will prefer one over the other).

I bought both Norwex and e-Cloths cloths over a year ago (before I signed up with Norwex) to see if the cloths where the same and if the Norwex cloths were worth the extra money – To me, they not the same and I prefer the Norwex ones.

The difference between the two types (or should read, what I’ve noticed):

Norwex Enviro vs. e-cloth General Purpose


I find that the e-cloth holds more water, even after wringing out. This means when I wipe a surface, it takes longer for the surface to dry and I get watermark spots (example: water spots left on my glass black stove top).
Water spots on my appliances and mirrors are not nice to look at and do not give a finished look (especially when I want when my house to look good). Note: I am on well water and have a water softener (for hard water with iron) – I’m not sure if that is a factor for the spots.

Is the purpose of either cloth to be able to clean any washable surface with just water & cloth? -yes.

Could you wipe your bathroom mirror with only water & the Norwex Enviro cloth and not need to follow up with the Window cloth? – Yes, but I can’t say the same for the e-cloth General Purpose. (With the e-cloth, the mirror would be clean with a trail of watermark dots).

Does the e-cloth General Purpose perform the same (clean/wipe up dirt)? -for the most part yes. Though, when I performed a mini test with various items on glass (mud, makeup, etc), the Norwex cloth wiped up more dirt on a single wipe vs. the e-cloth General Purpose.

Does one cloth out perform the other? I’d say the Norwex Enviro performs better (the whole e-cloth water mark issue), plus the Enviro cloth has Antibac (inhibits the growth of mould and mildew while the cloth dries).

Aesthetically, both cloths appear well made and have a nice finish. The e-cloth is more vibrant & richer looking in color and feel (least the pink color was :)).

The cloths are made with the same materials, but are composed of different percentages:

  • e-cloth General Purpose: 80% polyester/20% polyamide
  • Norwex Enviro: 70% polyester/30% polyamide
  • (Note: polyamide = nylon)

    The e-cloth general purpose cloth feels more plush/thicker (or the fiber looping longer); though, it could be due to the 10% more polyester/10% less polyamide (polyester does not absorb water and nylon does). The thicker feeling would also backup my thinking/feeling of the cloth holding more water.



    Lastest warranty information (at time of writing), Norwex has a two year and e-cloth a 300 wash.

    -I guess it is easier to prove you have owned the cloth for over/under two years vs. washed more/less than 300 washes. Plus, I’m not certain what the definition of ‘wash’ is for warranty purposes.

    The fact when I wipe a surface with the e-cloth & water is left behind (like a regular cotton dish cloth) is a big deal for me. The Norwex Enviro cloth does a better job than the e-cloth. I will pay the extra for the Norwex Enviro (but not the full price).

    I have bought both cloths at regular price, but after calculating the markup/commission rate on the Norwex, I decided to sign up to save on money – ha. Though, I do not expect the people to pay full price for the Norwex clothes (too much money if you want to buy each color), so I always offer sales to all of my customers.

    I even did a test with the Norwex, e-cloth and a dollar store Microtex cloth (that I had for many years) and the dollar store cloth out performs the ecloth when it came to leaving water behind – the mirror dried way faster (~1 min.) with the dollar store cloth vs. the e-cloth.

    Norwex Window vs. e-cloth Window cloth:



    The window cloth – Totally different material, design, and texture. They are not the same.
    You can feel / see the difference why you pay more for the Norwex.

    The e-cloth (window) seems cut out of the fabric bolt with serrated scissors.

    For the e-cloth, the quality seems fine, but the Norwex is thicker and feels like you are holding a cloth vs. a thick paper towel (the e-cloth window). Again, same purpose but totally different construction.

    My other negatives about the e-cloth Window cloth is that it doesn’t take long before the cloth is too wet to work well. I find the Norwex cloth can last longer and does a better/faster job.

    The other issue with the e-cloth is mold spots (mold growing) in my e-cloth: I have the habit of after using my cloths, rinsing them out & the throwing them down the basement stairs until laundry day (laundry room is in the basement). Sometimes the cloths do not get laundered for many days. Needless to say, since Norwex has the Anticbac agent, I don’t have mold spots.

    Note: The Norwex Car Cloth is more similar to the e-cloth Window. Though, I would need to double check if Norwex Car Cloth is a bit thicker

    So in conclusion, yes both cloths are designed to do the same job, but if you are like me and using the Norwex Cloths correctly and to their fullest potential, then you will rather the Norwex Cloths over e-cloth.

    * Updated on Nov. 16, 2013. Pictures added Feb. 2014

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